Workout - 5k Row

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I needed some tunes to help get me through a 5k row. I started with music from the movie Vision Quest, which has the best workout music ever! Those songs are almost sufficient for the 5k. But I added more for shuffle play across multiple workouts.

Only The Young by Journey lyrics
Change by John Waite lyrics
Hungry For Heaven by Dio lyrics
Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider lyrics
Hello Hooray by Alice Cooper lyrics
Gangreen by Ministry lyrics
Indestructible by Disturbed lyrics
Body Count's In The House by Body Count lyrics
Astro Zombies by The Misfits lyrics
Green Hell by The Misfits lyrics
Where Eagles Dare by The Misfits lyrics
Badlands by Metal Church lyrics
Metal Gods by Judas Priest lyrics
United by Judas Priest lyrics
F**king Hostile by Pantera lyrics
New by Dommin lyrics
Oh Lord by Foxy Shazam lyrics
It's Time To Party by Andrew WK lyrics
Party Hard by Andrew WK lyrics
(F)lannigan's Ball by Dropkick Murphys lyrics
I'm Shipping Up To Boston by Dropkick Murphys lyrics

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