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David Byrne's latest radio stream entitled "Full Disclosure" boasts a pretty good mix of hot-off-the-press pop music. Don't let the term "pop" throw you however -- as with many music connoisseurs, Byrne uses the word to describe "anything that is tuneful, catchy and concise," as opposed to what some might deem "commercial crap."

1 Thing by Amerie lyrics
All The Wine by Clare & The Reasons lyrics
Chasing Pirates by Norah Jones lyrics
All Is Love by Karen O. & The Kids lyrics
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The Best Thing by Doveman lyrics
Our Team Is Grand by Clare & The Reasons lyrics
When We Swam by Thao with The Get Down Stay... lyrics
High Horse by Daniel Johnston lyrics
Trouble Was For by Thao with The Get Down Stay... lyrics
Tigers by Doveman lyrics
Real Live Flesh by Tune-Yards lyrics

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