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All killer. No filler. Over 300 handpicked westcoast rap songs so authentic you can smell the jheri curl juice dripping off the playlist. From The Bay, to L.A., to Seattle.... we got you covered.

The Watcher by Dr. Dre lyrics
Fuck You by Dr. Dre lyrics
Still D.R.E. by Dr. Dre lyrics
Xxplosive by Dr. Dre lyrics
What's The Difference by Dr. Dre lyrics
Forgot About Dre by Dr. Dre lyrics
The Next Episode by Dr. Dre lyrics
Let's Get High by Dr. Dre lyrics
Gin And Juice by Snoop Dogg lyrics
Tha Shiznit by Snoop Dogg lyrics
Murder Was The Case by Snoop Dogg lyrics
Serial Killa by Snoop Dogg lyrics
Who Am I (What's My Name)? by Snoop Dogg lyrics
Ain't No Fun by Snoop Dogg lyrics
Pump Pump by Snoop Dogg lyrics
Snoop's Upside Ya Head by Snoop Dogg lyrics
Still A Thang by Snoop Dogg lyrics
B Please by Snoop Dogg lyrics
Mo' Pussy by DJ Quik lyrics
Jus Lyke Compton by DJ Quik lyrics
Quik'z Groove II (For U 2 R... by DJ Quik lyrics
Sweet Black Pussy by DJ Quik lyrics
Tonite by DJ Quik lyrics
Born And Raised In Compton by DJ Quik lyrics
Tha Bombudd by DJ Quik lyrics
Rhythm-al-ism (Intro) by DJ Quik lyrics
We Still Party by DJ Quik lyrics
Down, Down, Down by DJ Quik lyrics
Bombudd II by DJ Quik lyrics
Reprise (Medley For A "V") by DJ Quik lyrics
Safe + Sound by DJ Quik lyrics
You'z A Ganxta by DJ Quik lyrics
Dollaz + Sense by DJ Quik lyrics
Pitch In OnA Party by DJ Quik lyrics
Jackin' For Beats by Ice Cube lyrics
Get Off My D*** And Tell Yo... by Ice Cube lyrics
The Nigga Ya Love To Hate by Ice Cube lyrics
AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted by Ice Cube lyrics
What Can I Do? (Remix) by Ice Cube lyrics
You Know How We Do It (Remix) by Ice Cube lyrics
Cave Bitch by Ice Cube lyrics
Bop Gun (One Nation) by Ice Cube lyrics
It Was A Good Day by Ice Cube lyrics
We Had To Tear This Mothafu... by Ice Cube lyrics
Ghetto Vet by Ice Cube lyrics
Straight Outta Compton by N.W.A. lyrics
Fuck Tha Police by N.W.A. lyrics
8 Ball (Remix) by N.W.A. lyrics
Express Yourself by N.W.A. lyrics
I Ain't Tha 1 by N.W.A. lyrics
Nobody Move by Eazy-E lyrics
Boyz-N-The Hood (Remix) by Eazy-E lyrics
Eazy-Duz-It by Eazy-E lyrics
No More ?'s by Eazy-E lyrics
100 Miles And Runnin' by N.W.A. lyrics
I'd Rather Fuck You by N.W.A. lyrics
Automobile by N.W.A. lyrics
Real Muthaphuckkin' G's by Eazy-E lyrics
Natural Born Killaz by MF Grimm lyrics
It's Funky Enough by The D.O.C. lyrics
Let The Bass Go by The D.O.C. lyrics
The Formula by The D.O.C. lyrics
The Grand Finale by The D.O.C. lyrics
6 'N The Morning by Ice-T lyrics
I'm Your Pusher/Pusherman by Ice-T lyrics
New Jack Hustler [Nino's Th... by Ice-T lyrics
Growin' Up In The Hood by Compton's Most Wanted lyrics
Streiht Up Menace (From Men... by Compton's Most Wanted lyrics
Trigga Gots No Heart by Spice 1 lyrics
187 Proof by Spice 1 lyrics
1990-Sick (Kill 'Em All) by Spice 1 lyrics
Welcome To The Ghetto by Spice 1 lyrics
Jealous Got Me Strapped by Spice 1 lyrics
Dogg Pound Gangstaz by Tha Dogg Pound lyrics
Respect by Tha Dogg Pound lyrics
New York, New York by Tha Dogg Pound lyrics
Let's Play House by Tha Dogg Pound lyrics
Some Bomb Azz by Tha Dogg Pound lyrics
Ride Wit Me by Daz Dillinger lyrics
Backyard Boogie by Mack 10 lyrics
Foe Life by Mack 10 lyrics
Nothin' But The Cavi Hit by Mack 10 lyrics
Hoo-bangin' by Mack 10 lyrics
Only In California by Mack 10 lyrics
Bow Down by Westside Connection lyrics
Gangstas Make The World Go ... by Westside Connection lyrics
Cross 'Em Out And Put A 'K by Westside Connection lyrics
King Of The Hill by Westside Connection lyrics
Hoo-Bangin' (WSCG Style) by Westside Connection lyrics
Keep Ya Head Up by 2Pac lyrics
2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted by 2Pac lyrics
Temptations by 2Pac lyrics
I Ain't Mad At Cha by 2Pac lyrics
I Get Around by 2Pac lyrics
Changes (1998 Greatest Hits... by 2Pac lyrics
Me Against The World by 2Pac lyrics
Hail Mary by 2Pac lyrics
California Love by 2Pac lyrics
Picture Me Rollin' by 2Pac lyrics
How Do U Want It by 2Pac lyrics
So Many Tears by 2Pac lyrics
Toss It Up by 2Pac lyrics
Trapped by 2Pac lyrics
Dear Mama by 2Pac lyrics
All About U by 2Pac lyrics
Life Goes On by 2Pac lyrics
Hit 'Em Up (Single Version) by 2Pac lyrics
To Live & Die In L.A. by 2Pac lyrics
Ambitionz Az A Ridah by 2Pac lyrics
Wonda Why They Call U B____ by 2Pac lyrics
Playaz Club by Rappin' 4-Tay lyrics
Pimpin' Ain't Easy by Rappin' 4-Tay lyrics
Pimp Of The Year by Dru Down lyrics
Can You Feel Me by Dru Down lyrics
Do You Wanna Ride by Rappin' 4-Tay lyrics
I'll Be Around by Rappin' 4-Tay lyrics
Why U Bullshittin'? by Suga Free lyrics
I'd Rather Give You My Bitch by Suga Free lyrics
Don't No Suckaz Live Here by Suga Free lyrics
Tip Toe by Suga Free lyrics
If U Stay Ready by Suga Free lyrics
I Wanna Go Home (The County... by Suga Free lyrics
On My Way by Suga Free lyrics
Why U Bullshittin' (Part 2) by Suga Free lyrics
Thinkin' by Suga Free lyrics
Don't Fight Da Pimpin' by Suga Free lyrics
Born Again by Suga Free lyrics
Ya Ain't Fuckin Wit Us by Suga Free lyrics
Trouble (Remix) by Suga Free lyrics
Get The Money by Suga Free lyrics
Do You Really by Suga Free lyrics
No Doubt by Suga Free lyrics
Woop Woop by Suga Free lyrics
Walk Away by Suga Free lyrics
Dogghouse Ridaz by Bad Azz lyrics
I Don't Know by Suga Free lyrics
In Your Mouth by Suga Free lyrics
Bomb First (My Second Reply) by Makaveli lyrics
White Man'z World by Makaveli lyrics
Me And My Girlfriend by Makaveli lyrics
Against All Odds by Makaveli lyrics
The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground lyrics
Freaks Of The Industry by Digital Underground lyrics
Doowutchyalike by Digital Underground lyrics
Same Song (Edit Version) by Digital Underground lyrics
The Way We Swing by Digital Underground lyrics
Underwater Rimes (Remix) by Digital Underground lyrics
Sex Packets by Digital Underground lyrics
Do G's Get To Go To Heaven? by Richie Rich lyrics
U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer lyrics
Too Legit To Quit by MC Hammer lyrics
Turn This Mutha Out by MC Hammer lyrics
Pray by MC Hammer lyrics
Have You Seen Her by MC Hammer lyrics
Let's Get It Started by MC Hammer lyrics
Pumps And A Bump by MC Hammer lyrics
I Got Love (Remix) by Nate Dogg lyrics
Regulate by Warren G lyrics
This D.J. by Warren G lyrics
Do You See by Warren G lyrics
What's Next by Warren G lyrics
Da Bumble by E-40 lyrics
Flashin' by E-40 lyrics
Rapper's Ball (Featuring To... by E-40 lyrics
Captain Save A Hoe (Featuri... by E-40 lyrics
Hope I Don't Go Back by E-40 lyrics
Sprinkle Me (Featuring Suga-T) by E-40 lyrics
Sideways by E-40 lyrics
Dusted 'N' Disgusted (Dirty) by E-40 lyrics
Nah, Nah... by E-40 lyrics
Behind Gates by E-40 lyrics
Record Haters by E-40 lyrics
Zoom by E-40 lyrics
Hurricane by The Click lyrics
Scandalous by The Click lyrics
Wild Thing by Tone-Loc lyrics
Funky Cold Medina by Tone-Loc lyrics
Wide Open by Mac Mall lyrics
Keep It On The Real by 3X Krazy lyrics
Dem N***as (feat. Yukmouth) by Yukmouth lyrics
Stackin Chips by 3X Krazy lyrics
I Got 5 On It (Original) by Luniz lyrics
I Got 5 On It (Clean Remix)... by Luniz lyrics
Life's A Bitch by Mac Dre lyrics
Stupid Doo-Doo-Dumb by Mac Dre lyrics
Rapper Gone Bad by Mac Dre lyrics
Since '84 by Mac Dre lyrics
Indo Smoke by Mista Grimm lyrics
Juicy Gotcha Krazy (Remix) by Oaktown's 357 lyrics
Turn It Up by Oaktown's 357 lyrics
3-5-7 Straight At You by Oaktown's 357 lyrics
It's Not Your Money by Oaktown's 357 lyrics
Back To The Hotel by N2Deep lyrics
Toss Up by N2Deep lyrics
V-Town by N2Deep lyrics
The Weekend by N2Deep lyrics
Situations by N2Deep lyrics
Deep N2 The Game by N2Deep lyrics
Murder Rap by Above The Law lyrics
If You Want It by 2nd II None lyrics
Let The Rhythm Take You by 2nd II None lyrics
Whateva U Want by 2nd II None lyrics
Sherm Stick by Jayo Felony lyrics
The Loc Is On His Own by Jayo Felony lyrics
Take A Ride by Jayo Felony lyrics
I'ma Keep Bangin' by Jayo Felony lyrics
Passing Me By by The Pharcyde lyrics
Runnin' by The Pharcyde lyrics
Drop by The Pharcyde lyrics
She Said by The Pharcyde lyrics
Ya Mama by The Pharcyde lyrics
Otha Fish by The Pharcyde lyrics
Gs & LOCs by Bloods & Crips lyrics
Damu Ride by Bloods lyrics
Send That Crab Off To Die by Bloods & Crips lyrics
Piru Love by Bloods & Crips lyrics
All For The Money by MC Eiht lyrics
Thuggin It Up by MC Eiht lyrics
You Can't See Me by MC Eiht lyrics
Westside Slaughterhouse by Mack 10 lyrics
Short But Funky by Too $hort lyrics
Girl (That's Your Life) by Too Short lyrics
BJ Betty by Too Short lyrics
Invasion Of The Flat Bootie... by Too Short lyrics
Female Funk by Too Short lyrics
Oakland, California by Too Short lyrics
Freaky Tales by Too $hort lyrics
Ain't Nothing Like Pimpin' by Too $hort lyrics
I'm A Player (Street Version) by Too $hort lyrics
Money In The Ghetto by Too $hort lyrics
Gettin' It by Too $hort lyrics
Life Is ...Too $hort by Too $hort lyrics
Don't Fight The Feelin' by Too $hort lyrics
Short But Funky by Too $hort lyrics
93 'Til Infinity by Souls Of Mischief lyrics
Medication by Souls Of Mischief lyrics
Mistadobalina by Del Tha Funkee Homosapien lyrics
If You Must by Del Tha Funkee Homosapien lyrics
Jaw Gymnastics by Del Tha Funkee Homosapien lyrics
You Never Knew by Hieroglyphics lyrics
Casual by Hieroglyphics lyrics
Tajai by Hieroglyphics lyrics
The Who by Hieroglyphics lyrics
All Things by Hieroglyphics lyrics
Oakland Blackouts by Hieroglyphics lyrics
Payback's A Mutha by King Tee lyrics
Squeeze The Trigger by Ice-T lyrics
Fantastic Voyage by Coolio lyrics
Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio lyrics
Hand On The Pump by Cypress Hill lyrics
How I Could Just Kill A Man by Cypress Hill lyrics
Illusions by Cypress Hill lyrics
Strap On The Side by Spice 1 lyrics
Gang Stories by South Central Cartel lyrics
24 Deep by Brotha Lynch Hung lyrics
Rest In Piss by Brotha Lynch Hung lyrics
It's Goin' Down by Celly Cel lyrics
There Goes The Neighborhood by Body Count lyrics

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