xgau's msn cg 6/09 choice cuts & hm picks

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counting down from bottom to top, Robert Christgau's Choice Cut choices and Honorable Mention mentions in his 6/09 MSN Consumer Guide • find the whole thing at • not found on MOG (yet): Sharon Robinson "Everybody Knows" [no blip] / The Girls "Not I," "Anthropomorphic" [no blip] / Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble, "Fela Day" [wrong song blipped]

Abathakathi by Lucky Dube lyrics
Baxoleleni by Lucky Dube lyrics
Blue Alert by Anjani lyrics
Intro by Keri Hilson lyrics
Turnin Me On (Edited) by Keri Hilson lyrics
Return The Favor by Keri Hilson lyrics
Titus Andronicus by Titus Andronicus lyrics
Arms Against Atrophy by Titus Andronicus lyrics
Mama, I'm Satan by Cursive lyrics
In The Now by Cursive lyrics
The Package is Wrapped by Marnie Stern lyrics
Roads? Where We're Going We... by Marnie Stern lyrics
Georgy Boy by Sir Lord Von Raven lyrics
I Do! by Sir Lord Von Raven lyrics
Every Single Line Means Som... by Marnie Stern lyrics
Grapefruit by Marnie Stern lyrics
Roosevelt Room by Conor Oberst & The Mystic V... lyrics
Slowly (oh so slowly) by Conor Oberst & The Mystic V... lyrics
Di Bombs by Mr. Something Something lyrics
Aqui Para Voces by Buraka Som Sistema lyrics
Sound Of Kuduro by DJ Znobia lyrics
His Dream (Album Version (E... by Asher Roth lyrics
Lark On My Go-Kart (Album V... by Asher Roth lyrics
Return-Send by On Ka'a Davis lyrics
I Ain't Scared by On Ka'a Davis lyrics
Sheela-Na-Gig by PJ Harvey lyrics
Naked Cousin by PJ Harvey lyrics
Piny Yore Yore by Extra Golden lyrics
Gimakiny Akia by Extra Golden lyrics

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