xgau's msn cg 4/10 choice cuts & hm picks

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counting down from bottom to top, Robert Christgau's Choice Cut choices and Honorable Mention mentions in his 4/10 MSN Consumer Guide • find the whole thing at http://music.msn.com/music/consumerguide/?photoidx=50 • not found on MOG (yet): Lil Wayne "Pam Pam" "D--- Pleaser" / Masha Qrella "Speak Low: Loewe and Weill in Exile" [MM]) / Cock Lorge Band "Eating Disorder," "Magic Wand" [no blip] / Abraham Inc. "Tweet Tweet," "Abe Inc Techno Mix" [no blip] / MC Paul Barman "Word Vs. Meaning," [no blip] "RZAView," [no blip] "Make No Mistake" / Amit Shoham, "BodaNathu"; the Children of Ritmos en los Barrios, "El tiburon del Lago Cocibolca" [no blip] / The Da Vincis "Friend Request" [no blip] "50's Film"

Roger That by Young Money lyrics
Wife B**ter by Young Money lyrics
B.O.T.S. Radio by Ludacris lyrics
La Raza by Kid Frost lyrics
Act A Fool by King Tee lyrics
Morgan Freeman by Souls Of Mischief lyrics
Fourmation by Souls Of Mischief lyrics
On Coming From A Broken Hom... by Gil Scott-Heron lyrics
Me And The Devil by Gil Scott-Heron lyrics
Permanent Standby by Felt lyrics
Like You by Felt lyrics
Sex In Crazy Places (Feat. ... by Gucci Mane lyrics
Lemonade by Gucci Mane lyrics
Geierwally by Liliput lyrics
Lust by Liliput lyrics
American Star by Lil' Wayne lyrics
Drop The World by Lil' Wayne lyrics
RIP Dr. Octagon by Dr. Dooom lyrics
I Followed You by Dr. Dooom lyrics
Soundtrack 2 My Life by Kid Cudi lyrics
Day 'n' Nite (Nightmare) by Kid Cudi lyrics
Tricky Tricky by Röyksopp lyrics
This Must Be It by Röyksopp lyrics
Souls Travel by Bettie Serveert lyrics
Mossie by Bettie Serveert lyrics
The Sea Is A Good Place To ... by Los Campesinos! lyrics
Plan A by Los Campesinos! lyrics

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